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Perron is a temporary cultural stage dating from 2011 in an empty, old post building on the Schiestraat in Rotterdam.

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Schiestraat 42, 3013 AH Rotterdam
5 minute walk from central station
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The minimum age in Perron is 18 years old

Did you forget or lose something? Please send an email to

The possession or dealing of hard drugs is prohibited at Perron. If there is any evidence of overt use and/or possession, confiscation of the drugs will follow and/or the offender will be handed over to the police.


Perron is located 5 min from Rotterdam Central Station. Schiestraat 42.

Lockers are available at Perron. You will need a 2 euro coin or a locker coin that you can purchase at the coincounter. Keep in mind that a locker coin can only be used once.

Are you coming to Perron in a wheelchair? This is possible! However there is no dedicated less abled toilet in Perron, so please be aware of this if this isn’t
a possibility for you.

Coming to Perron in a wheelchair and want to ensure a swift entry? Please contact us before hand at to let us know so we can facilitate you as much as possible.

Perron sells both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Should you feel like a snack, you can get chips or b’tween bars at the coin counter.

We have toilets for both sitting and standing. For one-time use you pay €0.50. If you prefer to use it for the whole evening, it costs €2,00. This can be paid by cash or debit card.

No cigarettes will be sold on location. Make sure you have enough cigarettes with you (maximum 2 packs per person). Please note that you may only smoke in the designated smoking area.

Payment in Perron can only be done by debit card, so no cash.

Perron is open from 00:00 – 06:00 on weekends unless stated otherwise. Keep an eye on our agenda for up to date programming and times. This will be communicated through the website and social media channels. The doors close one hour in advance of closing.

Everyone has to bring their identification and show it when asked at one of our guards.


Tickets can be purchased online at this website. In case the event is not sold out, tickets will be available at the entrance. This will be clearly communicated in advance through the website and social media.

If you can’t find your tickets search for CM in all of your mail boxes including spam. If you still were not able to find your tickets. please use this link to resend your ticket:


If you are an artist and you would like to play at perron or if you would like to recommend someone you can email to Send a sample of the music or a link to your soundcloud.

If you’re interested in renting our venue you can email to

For other questions and press requests, please contact the organization at